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BTSA Induction Course
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1. How do I sign up for BTSA?
When we offer a BTSA course, it will be listed as a link under the "upcomming events," on our main page. When listed, the application form will appear as a small PDF icon here. Click on the PDF icon to download the form. Fill out the form and submit the form via the Internet. If you have any further questions, please contact us here .

2. How many days is the BTSA Induction Course?
The BTSA Induction Course consists of 5 consecutive weekdays with two follow-up days. Follow-up days are determined as a group during the BTSA Induction Course.

3. What are the hours of the BTSA Induction Course?
The BTSA Induction Course will promptly begin at 8:30 AM and will run up to 3:30 PM.

4. Where is the BTSA Induction Course held?
The BTSA Induction Course is held at the UTLA Building. Meeting room will be included in the letter provided at least two weeks prior to the event. UTLA's address is 3303 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010.

5. Do I need to bring anything with me to the BTSA Induction Course?
Yes, please bring the following:
  • Laptop. If you do not own a laptop, please obtain one from your school. If you cannot obtain one from your school, ISCA will loan a laptop for use during BTSA Induction Course time only. You may not take the laptop home. If you use ISCA's laptop, it is highly recommended that you bring a portable USB Flash Drive to store your files.
  • Story. All participants in the Language Arts or Social Studies subjects must read the story provided in the letter sent out at least two weeks prior to the BTSA Induction Course. If you did not receive the story, please contact us immediately.
  • Portable hard drive. Although not required, it is highly recommended that you bring a portable hard drive with you to store your files. These portable hard drives are more commonly known as "USB Flash Drives," "jump jacks" or "USB drives" and may be purchased at your local office supply store (i.e. Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, etc.).

6. Will taking this BTSA Induction Course fulfill the   ?   requirement?
The BTSA Induction Course hosted by The Insitute for Standards, Curricula and Assessments only fulfills technology and elective requirements. If you have specific questions on what this course fulfills, please contact the BTSA Induction Program at (323) 932-4690. Course number is 55-11-727.

7. How is technology "infused" into the BTSA Induction Course?
The BTSA Induction Course requires the use of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and internet searching at an intermediate level. By the end of the course, participants will
  • know how to use and manipulate tables in Microsoft Word
  • change font face and color
  • add headers and/or footers to a document
  • acquire intermediate skills with PowerPoint—adding slides, images, sound, transitions, change layout, change slide design
  • acquire intermediate skills with internet searching by using search operators (i.e. "+" "site:" "filetype:"
  • know how to "bookmark" webpages.

8. What kind of credit can I receive by joining the BTSA Induction Course?
Participants may choose one of the following credits:
  • 3 Salary Points
  • 3 CSUDH Units (Requires $120 registration fee. Registration fee subject to change without notice.)
  • 10 Training Hours (NBCT)
  • BTSA Induction Technology & Elective
  • 3 Salary points and BTSA Induction Technology & Elective

9. What must I complete in order to receive my credit?
Participants must complete all of the following in order for ISCA to begin the process of confirming the participant's selected credit:
  • Attend all 5 days of the BTSA Induction Course. A maximum of 2 excused hours is allowed for emergencies only.
  • Provide a soft (computer file) and hard (paper) copy of all documents produced during the BTSA.
  • Teach the unit developed during the BTSA Induction Course.
  • Attend the follow-up days (1 day for Common Scoring and 1 day for Redesign of the unit)
  • Provide a clean copy (soft and hard) of all documents during the Redesign of the unit.

10. When will my credit be processed?
All credits will be processed when the participant meets all requirements listed in #9.

11. Is parking provided? Where? Do you validate?
Yes, parking is available. Parking structure is located behind the UTLA Building between 6th and Wilshire along Berendo Blvd. Parking validation will be provided at the sign-in area of the BTSA Induction Course.

12. Will lunch be provided?
No, lunch will not be provided. Light refreshments will be served in the morning of the first day. A list of nearby restaurants will be provided.

13. Can't find the answer?
If you can't find the answer in any of the categories provided in the F.A.Q. page, please feel free to contact us.

3303 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 430
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Phone: (213) 639-0800
Fax: (213) 381-9229

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