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1. Where do I go to set up an ISCA account?
To be eligible for an ISCA account you must be a teacher from one of the participanting schools:

  • Foshay Learning Center
  • Gage Middle School
  • Manual Arts High School
  • Muir Middle School
  • Roosevelt High School

  • If you are a teacher from one of the schools listed above, click here to register.

    2. I was unable to set up an ISCA account. What should I do?
    Please verify that you have entered the correct information into this section of the form.
    Often users will put the first two letters of their first name into the first two letters of their last name box. Please be aware of this oversight. If you are new teacher, one year experience or less, and you are from one of the participating schools listed above, please call or email us for further instructions.

    3. I want to sign up for Lesson Design. Can I sign up electronically?
    Electronic sign up for Lesson Design is exclusive to our members. To sign up for Lesson Design, ISCA members will need to log into their account and download the PDF file, which can be submitted via our website. Upon log in, the application will be located on the upper right hand quadrant of the window. Look for the following box:

    4. I am unable to submit my Lesson Design application electronically. What should I do?

    To submit the Lesson Design application electronically, you must have a recent version of Acrobat Reader™, which is 8 at the moment. You must also check under the Adobe Reader preference option that Adobe Reader (8.0.0) is the default program that opens up pdf files in your browser. Please note that you may need to quit and restart your browser for preference changes to take effect.

    Macintosh Adobe Reader Preference Pane:

    Window XP Adobe Reader Preference Pane:

    5. I have a paper of copy of the Lesson Design application. Can I fax it in?
    If you are unable to submit the Lesson Design application electronically, you may fax in the application to our office at (213) 381-9229 before the deadline, which is usually two weeks before the first day of the seminar.


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