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The Institute for Standards, Curricula, and Assessments supports teachers to design their most effective lessons and assessments through Lesson Design Study. Foundations, schools, teacher organizations, universities, and hundreds of individual teachers have helped us to disseminate Lesson Design Study and the units and assessments designed by teachers. Here’s how you can get involved:

Field-test units and assessments. For Free Downloads, click here. Email us at about your experience with the lessons and units.
If you’d like to attend a Lesson Design Study seminar with a team from your school, share this website with your principal. Contact us–Day Higuchi (213) 639-0802 – to schedule a meeting date with your principal to discuss Lesson Design Study.
Donate to the Institute for Standards, Curricula, and Assessments. Your support helps us provide teachers with:
the technical support and technology to create their finest lessons and assessments for their students,
this website to disseminate their knowledge and experience as members of a professional community working for their students
You can donate by:
Mail-in Donation
  Please make your tax-deductible gift by check or money order payable to Institute for Standards, Curricula, and Assessments.
Mail to:United Teachers Educational Foundation
c/o Barbara Harvey
3303 Wilshire Boulevard 10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010
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  You complete the information on the Payroll Deduction Card , which is available in the "Payroll Deduction Card " box to the right.
Thank you for your support of the Institute for Standards, Curricula, and Assessments.

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