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The mission of the Institute for Standards, Curricula, and Assessments (ISCA) is to improve teaching as a means to advance student learning in the schools of greatest need, by implementing the UTLA Lesson Design Study process in those schools. The UTLA Lesson Design Study was researched and developed by hundreds of classroom teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Our Implementation Plan

To realize our mission, ISCA:

Conducts Lesson Design Study seminars for teams of teachers (small learning communities) or individual teachers. We provide technical assistance to support teachers to research, design, field-test engaging and intellectually challenging standards-based units and assessments.
Provides teachers with technological support. Technology is infused throughout Lesson Design Study.
Disseminates the units and assessments developed by ISCA teachers. Free downloads are available to eligible ISCA teacher and administrator members at the ISCA Member page. Visitors to our site can download free sample units, assessments, rubrics, and student work. For free unit downloads, click here.
Assists schools to implement Lesson Design Study seminars as the core work of teachers. Working with administrators to expand Lesson Design Study, ISCA leads advanced seminars for teachers who are ready to lead Lesson Design Study seminars for colleagues at their school.
Provides in partnership with UTLA and its affiliates special seminars on topics of urgent need. For example, the following are offered as point credit classes: classroom management, pre-algebra instructional strategies, the writing process.
Brings together a professional community dedicated to creating effective lessons and assessments through inter-school collaboration at Lesson Design Study seminars. ISCA offers online networking, conferences, and union-based professional network.
Works in partnership with administrators, parents, communities, colleges and universities, businesses, foundations, educational organizations dedicated to improving public education.

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