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In order to setup an account, you must provide us with a valid email address1, for example, joeSmith@aol.com. We will send your ISCA username and password to the provided email address.

Please adjust any spam filters on your email account to accept incoming mail from . Failure to make adjustments to your spam filter may delay or prevent the delivery of your ISCA username and password. If you do not have an email address, please check with the technology personnel at your school. If you need further assistance with your account setup, you may contact us here.

Please fill out the follow form below, completely.

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Enter first two letters of your first name:
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After you submit this form, we will email you a username and password to the address you provided. You will use the username and password to log into your ISCA account. However, if you should forget your password, we will try to retrieve your password via a "challenge question," an identity authentication method. Please select a challenge question and provide an answer that only you would know. Your answer should be between five to twenty characters, only letters and numbers.
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1Your application will not be processed without an email address.


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