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Parents and Teachers Want Another Lesson Design Study Conference
On a bright Saturday morning in April, more than 110 parents, teachers, and students attended the Parent Teacher Lesson Design Study Conference. They received a closer look at the UTLA Lesson Design Study—what is it? How does it affect students and teachers?

After a warm welcome by Edward Trimis, Principal of Manual Arts High, the host school, and representatives of conference sponsors—UTLA, CTA and Washington Mutual—ISCA Director Charlotte Higuchi presented an overview of the UTLA Lesson Design Study process. A panel discussion of the promise of lesson design study followed. Panelists were Manual Arts High School teacher Travis Miller, parent Carmita Grajales, and Foshay Learning Center Principal Veroníque Wills.Each panel member spoke eloquently on the impact of the lesson design study process.

From there, participants proceeded to their morning workshops. Spirits were high among the teachers who conducted the workshops as they were eager to show attendees what Lesson Design Study at ISCA is all about. The morning workshops featured lessons and assessments produced though lesson design study with ISCA. Attendees included parents, colleagues, school administrators, and students (who attended along with their parents). The presenting teachers guided parents andother teachers through a lesson that was developed through lesson design study, and the process of using a rubric to evaluating student work on a standards-based assessment designed to measure what was learned. They examined actual work from students in the classes of the presenting teachers. Morning workshops ran a gamut of topics from the art and history to genetics, k–12, advanced placement, ESL, general classes. Presenters ended the morning workshop with a discussion and survey of parents as to the value of the workshop and the conference.

Then attendees enjoyed a delicious Thai-Chinese lunch followed by afternoon workshops. These workshops offered a variety of topics of general interest to parents and teachers such as Setting Limits for Children at Home and in the Classroom, and saving money for a child’s education and other financial advice, presented by bank branch managers by Washington Mutual. The workshop Introducing a New Culture by Tantalizing the Senses stimulated an intense brainstorming discussion among its teacher participants that has resulted in the organizing of a multicultural fair at Foshay Learning Center, with 25 other teachers having signed-on to have their students be part of it. All were well-received.

On the survey, parents overwhelmingly wanted more conferences (Click here to veiw report). Several parents asked excitedly about when the next conference would be, and some shared that they “had never been to a conference like this”. It was gratifying that on the parent survey, the greatest tendency toward “strongly agree” was in response to the prompt ”I can use what I learned today to help my child in school.”—our main purpose in having the conference. ‘Til the next time.


The Institute for Standards Curricula and Assessments expresses its gratitude to the conference sponsors, without whose financial and in-kind support the conference would not have been possible, to the workshop presenters who gave it meaningful content, and to the many individuals who assisted in its organization and operation.

United Teachers Los Angeles
The California Teachers Association
Washington Mutual
Manual Arts High School
Foshay Learning Center
Muir Middle School

Edward Trimis, Principal, Manual Arts High School
James Thrasher, Assistant Executive Director for Human Rights and Community Outreach, CTA
Roseanne Hawkins, Vice President/Community Affairs Relationship Manager, Washington Mutual
Linda Guthrie, Secondary Vice President, United Teachers Los Angeles
Carminta Grajales, parent panelist
Travis Miller, Manual Arts High School, teacher panelist
Veronique Wills, Prinicipal, Foshay Learning Center, panelist

John Carroll
Myra Lebendig NBCT
Ann Travis
War and Responsibility
What is a Just War?
Monica DeFrancisco
Antero Garcia
Choosing to Act: How Do People Fight Injustice?
Grisel Ayala
Patricia Frias
The American Dream
Robert S. HardyWhat Does Exponential Growth Really Mean?
Pedro DeLeonStoichiometry: Gas Laws and Kinetic Molecular Theory
Lorien Eck NBCT
JoAnne Sackett
Ancient India
Margarita Arias
Juan Pineda
Character Sketch
Alicia Esparza
Song Hwang
Vanessa Rickmon-BrownFolkTales: What Would You Do?
Marina VergaraThe Kissing Hand: The First Day of School
Jasmine TigoloMagnetism
Miles Myers, PhD.ISCA Design Lessons Based on Student Work
Camilla George
Phyllis Williams
Setting Limits in the Classroom and at Home
Cesar Chavez, WAMU
Ramiro Gallardo
WaMoola for Life (Lessons in Financial Education)
Donnell Jordan, CTAWays to Help Your Child at Home
Julie KimIntroducing a New Culture by Tantalizing the Senses
Travis MillerGive and Take: Reading for Deeper Understanding
Gloria Hernandez NBCTComplex Instruction

A.J. Duffy, President, UTLA
Julie Washington, Elementary Vice President, UTLA
Virginia Victorin, Washington Mutual
Antonio Manning, Washington Mutual
Michael Olivo, Principal, Muir Middle School
Todd Engle, Assistant Principal, Manual Arts High School
William Lupejkis, Assistant Principal, Manual Arts High School
Juan Quintinilla, Title I Coordinator, Manual Arts High School
Martha Peralta, Assistant Principal, Manual Arts-Crenshaw Community Adult School
Dolores Coleman, Assistant Principal, Manual Arts-Crenshaw Community Adult School
Carolina Barriero, Administrative Coordinator, UTLA Communications Department
Col. B Persad, ROTC Teacher, Foshay Learning Cen ter
Mr. Charles Melendez, Parent Center Coordinator, Foshay Learning Center
Samuel Joo, Title I Coordinator, Foshay Learning Center
Mark Taylor, Social Studies Dept. Chair, Muir Middle School
Teresa Garcia, Teacher
Carmen Sadek NBCT, Foshay Learning Center
Monica Cardona, Title I Office Manager, Manual Arts High School
Felix Najera, Title I Office Technology Assistant, Manual Arts High School
Consuelo Dixon, Custodian, Manual Arts High School
Jesse Rosales, Education Aide, Manual Arts High School
Debbie Fiallos, student aide, Manual Arts High School
Jose Chavarria, student, Manual Arts High School
Yolanda Chavarria, student, Manual Arts High School
Stephanie Lomibao, Washington Mutual

By Day Higuchi, Associate Director, ISCA, May 31, 2007

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