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Welcome parents! You are the first and most important teacher in your child’s life. As teachers, we invite you to support our efforts to design and teach lessons that awaken your child’s curiosity, sense of wonder, creativity. Working together, we can instill in our students good study habits, and a firm will to become well-educated, sentient, self-reliant citizens who contribute to the common good of our community.
Parents have asked us for suggestions to help their children at home. To that end, this page provides you with links to:
  some of the lessons and assessments that teachers at ISCA have developed
 good ideas about: ways to help your child at home, articles about educational issues, reading, writing, mathematics, science, history, geography and other subjects
We found good sites in Spanish and English and need more. If you know of good sites in other languages, please email us the URL to Thank you.
Teacher-Developed Lessons and Units at ISCA
You can view the following sample language arts lessons and assessments that teachers at ISCA have created for grades 3, 7, and 9 by clicking here.
Gr. Unit and Assessment Literature
Websites for Parents and Students
Helping Your Child at Home
Description Grade Link
Description Grade Link
Literature Activities & Books
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Human Development
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Other Children′s Link
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