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1. Where can I download units and assessments?
To download units and assessments, you must have an ISCA account. To be eligible for an ISCA account you must be a teacher from one of the participanting schools:

  • Foshay Learning Center
  • Gage Middle School
  • Manual Arts High School
  • Muir Middle School
  • Roosevelt High School

  • After acquiring an ISCA account, you must log into your account in order to download units and assessments.

    2. Can I download units and assessments from a different school?
    Teachers may download units and assessments from their respective school. If your school is interested with working with ISCA, please call our office at (213) 639-0800.

    3. I clicked on one of the links to download a unit, but nothing happened?
    Please report this and any other non-functioning links to .

    4. There is an error on my web page that I would like to fix?
    Please email to , your last name, your first name, your school, the name of the unit, and a brief description of what you would like to have fixed.

    5. How long does it take to download a unit?
    Download time depends on your connection, cable or dial-up, for example, and file size. If you have cable connection at 170 Kb/s, for instance, a 2MB file should take no more than 12 seconds to download. However, our file size ranges from a few kilobytes to thirty megabytes. Therefore, download time, given cable connection, will vary from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.


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